the hollyhock’s garden

December 15th, 2014


One of the many things I experienced in a previous summer in the North Carolina mountains, was a garden – the kind of garden I’ve only encountered in some paintings. For me, this was a fine example of a “Beatrix Potter Garden” – it was abundant with blossoms on vines, perennials and fat squashes. I was captivated.

2898A 2916


In that garden, around the house, grew some tall, purple hollyhocks. The thing is, it’s the shape of the petals I seem to be recalling as opposed to the color of those flowers in the photo.

7610A 7617A

However that is, the deep indigo and pattern on the scarf somehow worked together to recreate that memory of the flower, the garden and the experiences of walking through it on those summer mornings.

You’ll find more information about the above silk scarf here.

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